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שלט חכם אוניברסלי T2CS
- השלט מורכב ממסך טאצ' וכפתורים יעודיים
- שלט מקצועי ניתן לתכנות לשליטה הן על מכישרי
  מולטימדיה  והן על חשמל חכם.
- השלט עם אפשרות תכנות מקרו, תכונה אשר
  מאפשרת מספר רב של פעולות בלחיצה על כפתור
      דוגמא: בלחיצה על כפתור DVD
      השלט ידליק את מכשיר ה-DVD
      ידליק את הטלויזיה ויתכוון ל- AV המתאים.
      ידליק הרסיבר על ה-DVD.
      וה- DVD יתחיל לנגן.
מפרט מלא

שלט חכם אוניברסלי -  T2CS RTI
The modern media room needs a remote control that can do it all - provide reliable control of the entire system while remaining easy to use. The T2-Cs answers the call with a customizable color display and a full compliment of hard buttons for frequently used functions. The T2-Cs is loaded with unique features like a three-way rocker switch that allows the user to scroll through music lists or navigate on-screen menus on the media room TV. The stylish design of the T2-Cs has been created to compliment the décor of any home. Sleek and perfectly balanced, the T2-Cs is smaller and more ergonomic than any color touchscreen remote available


The T2-Cs embodies simple, elegant control in a modern design. The simplified graphics programming and compact display, combine to bring an advanced color touchscreen to a price level comfortable enough for every budget. The 2.4” color LCD can display custom text and graphics to provide customized, intuitive control. The T2-Cs takes command of the media room and eliminates the clutter of unnecessary remotes on the coffee table. It incorporates all of the control in one intuitive user interface - putting the power at your fingertips with the touch of one button.

The T2-Cs can function as a stand alone system controller or as part of a larger advanced control system. When used with other RTI automation devices, it is capable of transmission via RF, RS-232 communication, relay control and power sensing. The T2-Cs is more than just a remote control - it’s an integral part of an expandable control system. Programming is easy and convenient thanks to the Windows® based Integration Designer software*.

NOTE: For RF control, a 433MHz antenna must be used with this model of remote. It is not compatible with the ZM-24 2.4 GHz Transceiver Module.

*Integration Designer software only available to authorized RTI dealers

Key Features

  • Ergonomic design permits effortless one-handed operation.
  • Full color TFT LCD to display custom buttons, text, graphics and animations.
  • Integrated high-resolution touchscreen.
  • Simplified graphics programming.
  • Thirty-five assignable/programmable keypad buttons.
  • Three-way rocker switch for scrolling list navigation.
  • Tilt switch can automatically turn on the backlight when picked up.
  • Extremely bright, backlit display and keypad.
  • Intuitive layout of keypad buttons for commonly used functions.
  • Transmits IR and RF (or both - on a single button or within a macro!).
  • Optional RF receiver allows you to transmit through walls, cabinets, etc.
  • Completely customizable and programmable.
  • Extremely wide IR transmitting frequency range.
  • Optional ‘Voltage’ and ‘Video’ sensing modules to monitor power status
    of equipment.
  • Optional interface for RS-232 controlled equipment.
  • Non-volatile Flash memory stores your system configuration even when
    power is not present.
  • Field upgradeable firmware.
  • USB Programming.



3.6 VDC, 1200 mAh Lithium-Ion Battery Pack

Power Management

Automatic On/Off (tilt switch)

Infrared Control Range

30 feet (9.1 meters) @ 60 degrees

Infrared Frequency Range

15 KHz - 460 KHz

Radio Frequency Control Range

Up to 100 feet (30.5 meters)
(with optional System Interfaces/Processors)

Radio Frequency Carrier

433 MHz


High-contrast Color TFT LCD
1/4 VGA (240x320 pixels) with 65K colors
Integrated high-resolution touchscreen

Display Size (H x W)

2.4 in (61mm) diagonal


White LED (Display), Blue/Red/White LED (Keypad)

Operating Temperature

+32°F to +122°F (0°C to +50°C)

Operating Humidity

5% to 95% Non-condensing

Total System Memory

8M Bytes Flash (non-volatile) memory

Device Capability

Total number of devices is limited only by memory

Macro Capability

Unlimited steps in a single macro
Total number of macros is limited only by memory
Macro capability on every button


USB programming port


High-impact molded ABS plastic

Dimensions (H x W x D)

9.75” (248mm) x 2.5” (64mm) x 1.0” (25mm)


9 oz. (255g) with battery pack


One Year (Parts & Labor) / 90 days on the battery

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